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Roadhouse General Store

Established 2020

-   ABOUT US  -

Although we are relatively new to Redding, I have always been fascinated and inspired by the history of this amazing town! In trying to piece together the history of The Roadhouse (after being inundated with stories of biker bars and the good old days), I met the late Charlie Couch, town historian whose time with us was cut far too short. A little later I met Bruce Nelson and Brent Coley who dazzled me with amazing stories and photos of this great town through the years! 


It was hard to pick my favorite photo or historical topic, but I was consistently drawn to their stories about The Country Emporium and the Sanford Store! You see, retail is in my blood!  My Dad's side of the family ran The Walworth Store in Hillsdale, Michigan which opened in/around 1880. I always loved to hear my grandfather tell stories about The Walworth Store! In the years before we moved to CT, I worked as a Fashion Designer. So, truth be told I can relate MUCH more to retail than to the restaurant.  


The birth of The Roadhouse General Store starts like this: our back dining room has been empty for months! Our grocery program helped many through the beginning of the pandemic when no one could find chicken or ground beef at the grocery store (REMEMBER THAT!?!). The grocery program remains a staple for a group of loyal customers who value our fresh produce right off the truck, restaurant-quality meats, and local cheeses!


A general store by definition is a store, in a small town, carrying a wide variety of goods. The Roadhouse General Store is all of these things!  While we do not display our grocery items in the store they are still available for purchase through our website!  In the store itself, you can find penny candies, gifts, cheeses, provisions, and more!   

The Roadhouse General Store was born in the midst of a global pandemic to spark a little joy and remind us that LIFE IS SWEET! 


Pop in for a visit today! Wondering how to find us? Just walk in through the beer garden, continue through the cedar arbor towards our stone patio and you will see the door!

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