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Kittd was started by two moms sick of seeing their kids on electronics - so we created the antidote! Kittd toys are creative, unplugged activities in travel-ready tins. Inside each tin is a self-contained activity, designed to spark a child's creativity and keep them entertained wherever they are. About the size of a phone, On-the-Go are easy to throw in a purse, pocket, or bag to have ready any time your kiddo needs to keep busy.


Kittd (pronounced kit-ted) also provides jobs for stay at home parents returning to the workforce. Kristie is a graphic designer by training, and Maria is a clinical social worker. Neither of us wanted to return to our original fields full-time, so we decided to start our own company.

We're based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, although we're not native Iowans. We're proud of our community, our little workshop, and the products we create.

Traveling Games

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